on the statistical surveys to be made by Member States on milk

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xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxOPEAN COMMUNITIES,
Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Articles 43 and 209 thereof;
Havixx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxr the Treaty and under Community provisions on the common organization of the market in milk and milk products the Commission needs precise information xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx treat or process milk and about the production of milk products in the Member States of the Community;
Whereas the information at present available to xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxx xx xhe farm should be conducted in accordance with uniform criteria and in greater detail, and monthly surveys should be made in all Member States in the undexxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx of the survey, the characteristics to be noted and the survey procedure;
Whereas the results of these surveys cannot be effectively utilized at Commuxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxon on the quantities of butter and skimmed milk powder produced should be supplied in addition to the monthly results;
Whereas it should be laid down thxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx of 1973 and that certain regions need not communicate weekly information;
Whereas, in order to give the Commission an overall view of the development xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxery few years certain structural details of the undertakings or establishments which process milk should be reviewed;
Whereas in order to ensure thax xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xe surveyed and the tables to be completed;
Whereas the procedure to be followed by the Standing Committee for Agricultural Statistics set up by the Couxxxx xxxxxxxx x xx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxon will be as effective as possible;
Whereas the financial contribution of the Community towards expenses incurred during the first three years by Mexxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx x xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx
xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Article 1
1. Member States: (a) shall conduct surveys with the groups specified xx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxx xxrry out an annual survey of milk production and its use on farms.
2. The surveys shall, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 4 (4), be condxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxl measures shall be adopted in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 7 ; they shall apply until 31 December 1973 at the latest.
Article 2
xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxtry" of the NACE ; agricultural cooperatives shall be considered as belonging to this group;
2. farms which have technical processing equipmenx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx x xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxts to other parties ; the following shall be laid down in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 7: (a) the type of farms to be used, account bxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxder to transfer them in whole or in part without any processing to the groups referred to in 1 ; Member States shall take all measures necessary to prevent axx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxes. The weekly and monthly surveys provided for in Article 4, 1 and 2 shall cover only milk from cows.
2. The list of milk products covered by the survey shxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx x xx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx x xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxed in the undertakings or the establishments referred to in Article 2 ; this list may be amended in accordance with the same procedure.
3. The standard dxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xown in Article 7.
Article 4
The surveys referred to in Article 1 (1) (a) must be such as to enable at least the information mentioned in 1 to 4 below to bx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xx xx xx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx skimmed milk powder produced;
2. Every month: (a) the quantity and fat content of the milk and cream collected;
(b) the quantity of fresh milk producxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxvisions listed below and deal with the establishments which have been set up there: >PIC FILE= "T0010831">
(b) the quantity of fresx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xx x xxxx xxx6.1968, p. 13.
(c) the comprehensive estimate of the use of raw materials in the form of whole milk, skimmed milk and fats. This includes in production ox xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xhis procedure. The standard yields must be checked at regular intervals;
4. Every three years:
the number of survey groups listed in Article 2 ix xxxxx xx xxxx x xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx x
xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxcond subparagraph the surveys mentioned in Article 1 (1) (a) shall be carried out very thoroughly.
Member States may confine the weekly surveys in accxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx x xxx xx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxd down in Article 7a decision may be made not to apply the provisions governing the weekly surveys for transitional periods to be determined in the Communxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxce with the same procedure not to apply the provisions concerning weekly surveys in certain Community regions.
2. Member States shall take all measurxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxcy of the results to be assessed.
Article 6
1. Information tables shall be prepared in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 7. These txxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx
xx xxe Member States shall send to the Commission as soon as possible after summarizing the information and at the latest: (a) ten days after the end of the retuxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx x xxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxle 4 (2);
(c) in the April of the year following the return year: - the annual results referred to in Article 4 (3) (a) and (b),
- the results of the surveyx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx x xxx xxxx
xxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx x xxx xxxx
xxx xx the September of the year following that of the return date, the results referred to in xxxxxxx x xxxx
xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
x. Where the procedure laid down in this Article is to be followed, the Chairman shall refer the matter to the Standing Committee for Agricultural Statistxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxxxxx of a representative of a Member State.
2. The representative of the Commission shall submit to the Committee a draft of the measures to be taken. The Comxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx x xxxx xxxxx xx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xx x xxxority of twelve votes and the votes of Member States shall be weighted as laid down in Article 148 (2) of the Treaty. The Chairman shall not vote.
3. (a) Thx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx accordance with the Opinion of the Committee or in the absence of any Opinion the Commission shall immediately submit to the Council a proposal for the mexxxxxx xx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxed measures shall be adopted by the Commission.
Article 8
The expenditure incurred by Member States when the surveys are carried out in 1973, 19xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxsed to the Member States.
Done at Brussels, 31 July 1972.
For the Council
The President
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